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Panzer elite action
Dunes of war

Dunes of war is a standalone expansion of Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory. The game follows the story of two tank commanders and their crews through their North Africa battle campaigns.

The German commander, called in to help the Italian army, moves from the European war zone of the dunes of Sahara. The American commander enters the war on Africa beaches of the Mediterranean.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Two new different campaigns including Germans and Allies
  • Experience World War II in North Africa battle campaigns in the fast-paced story mode
  • Lead you powerful squads across the scorching dunes using strategic thinking. The fast paced, action packed game immerses you into the battlefield crowded with numbers of AI controlled infantry and enemy vehicles, airplanes, anti tank cannons…
  • Win over your opponents on 10 multiplayer maps, each featuring fully destructible environments
  • Fight amazing battles with an intense online arsenal with up to 32 players in the well established “Conquest” and “Capture the Flag” multiplayer modes