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Panzer elite action
The fields of glory

Panzer Elite Action: Field of Glory transports players back to the unstable era of World War II. They must command the most powerful vehicle of that time, the Panzer tank as they struggle their way fighting in a variety of historical scenarios.

Panzer Elite Action follows the story of three tank commanders and their crews through their agonizing WW2 battle campaigns.

The German commander moves on to the Eastern Front and the brink of victory at Stalingrad. The Russian commander is in desperate straits as he helps defend Stalingrad, and as the tide turns against the Germans, he joins the massive tank battle of Kursk. The American commander enters the war on the Normandy Beachhead on D-Day.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Drive your tank through 18 missions over 3 different campaigns and be part of the greatest battles of the 2nd World War – including the battle for Stalingrad, the tank battle of Kursk, the Beaches of Normandy …
  • Become the leader of your own squad and use numbers of strategies
  • The fast paced, action packed game immerses you into the battlefield crowded with large number of AI controlled infantry and enemy vehicles, airplanes, anti tank cannons…
  • Control the power of 30 tons of steel armor around you as you progress through the destructible environment, taking down trees and destroying entire buildings
  • Amazing “Conquest” style multiplayer mode for up to 32 players, allowing for complex team strategies
  • Additional maps and vehicles available for download