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Zed, an urban explorer and excellent free-runner fights along Violet, a top-rate industrial thief, against Wealthmacher, an embittered industrialist who lost everything during the Great Depression

Wealthmacher unleashes diesel-powered parasites to transform buildings, bridges and vehicles into vicious behemoths to take over the modern day New York City, accompanied by his private army of top-notch warriors.

New York City is a living, breathing mechanical jungle where anything can turn out to be the enemy. Parasitic diesel-powered machines are taking over the city, transforming buildings, bridges, vehicles, etc, into autonomous war machines.

The player will fight ceiling fans, snake-like subway trains, high-rise buildings and even Trinity Church and the Statue of Liberty along with Wealthmacher highly skilled human warriors.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Three platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
  • Unique, yet familiar setting with a cool, young hero, all ready to be developed into a cross-media franchise
  • Relentless fast-paced action with outstandingly big boss fights
  • The feel of mechanic/concrete jungle in a present-day NYC that is alive
  • A gripping story with a surprise ending, and an exciting sequel-ready cliffhanger
  • Continuously transforming tectonic environments
  • Controlling bosses to fight other bosses
  • Hollywood summer blockbuster charm